Branding, copywriting, social media strategy
Branding & Content Strategy
Buro Curious

Buro Curious, 2022
Content & Copywriting
to bring the brand's voice to life, I created content that communicates the agency's aspirations, reflects its identity and cultivates a relationship with the audience. Using the brand language and tone I crafted a copy for the website and social media platforms.

I helped Buro Curious's create consistency between brand identity, the website and social media platforms. The strategic re-branding process required a new digital presence using fresh content to inspire, seduce and, above all, well-represent.

A new digital look can now take customers on a journey through Buro Curious' approach to immersive experiences and event design.

to give the agency a strong and characteristic digital presence, I developed the brand's essential pillars by defining a voice that resonates with the audience and an interactive tone that communicates its mission and vision to them.
Striking website,
powerful digital pres—
ence & creative content
rooted in the agency identity and echoes its branding style. Engaging and informative content that speaks the customer's language.

To ensure consistency in brand identity at every customer touching point, I developed a social media strategy in line with the brand visuals and voice. Bespoke social media templates and grid-based framework usage created to communicate the agency's message and services.
Social media strategy
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